Hello and welcome. This temporary gallery page is intended to offer some examples that show something of a different range than the works seen on The Artist page for experiMental Theatre. With the exception of a slightly modified version of the psychedelic surrealist self-portrait below, none of the work here duplicates the more recent works seen there.

And the obligatory cautionary note: There are a couple instances of nudity - sort of - in this little gallery.

Your host

As previously mentioned, a slightly different self portrait than the one above:

And while we're doing surrealist landscapes, here's one of a different nature from my Glandscapes series:

glandscape - water rocks

This was a fantasy landscape illustrating a classic D&D adventure, when our characters found Castle Myst. (Now they just had to figure out how to get there.)

Castle Myst

Painting on photo to create a new fantasy with Stonehenge Spirit rising in the night:

Stonehenge Spirit

And a fantasy painting of a different sort entirely, with a personal vision of the lovely Gong Li:

gong li

And another celebrity portrait, this time Laurence Fishburne:

You may have noticed from the work on The Artist page that i enjoy playing with fake movie posters on occasion. Here's a mock-up that was done featuring my actor son, using the stage name Chris Kirkpatrick which he abandoned early in the century: