This page is where i'll be putting experiMental Theatre related things that are not actually a part of the strip. Just what that entails is entirely dependent on how insane i feel in the days ahead. It could mean wallpapers, character art, animations... who knows what all?

Currently you can find Guest Comics done for other strips and Banners for eMT.



Most recent, a strip for MO's Stick-Women Tales, from the great Maureen O'Hairy (AKA Moizmad):

Note that MO's Stick-Women Tales was just a joke to prove a point about how crazy folks around here go for stick-figure comics. And prove it magnificently she did, hitting #1 in the currently popular spot in just days. For her real strips, i'm not qualified to do guest comics. Check Moizmad Tales and Riddick Q. Loss Tales.


This one was for Elipsis, by ...

This comic was done for The ComicFury Adventure, reflecting the duels hosted by the ComicFury's Gentlemen Brawling Association:

and this epic two-parter was for Whose Line Is It Anywhoo?:




Here's the standard ComicFury size - 500x90:

experiMental Theatre Banner 01

Here's a 468x60 version. (In gif format - the system refuses to display the png version)

experiMental Theatre Banner 02

I needed a banner to fit in the sidebar of my blog, so here's a 200x200 square banner: