Comic 69 - TIM 060

4th Apr 2011, 10:57 AM in experiMental Record One
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-3- 4th Apr 2011, 3:06 AM edit delete
Words? We don't need no stinking words!

EDIT: Sorry for the late update. There seems to be something odd going on with the system. I noticed yesterday that the strips were somehow set to publish 12 hours early and corrected it to the usual publication time. But when i got to the library to check on it this morning, still no update. I'll try to get this problem sorted out before the next update. But have faith - strips are already in the cue, so they will be appearing. I just need to sort things out with the system.

EDIT(Again): I think the problem is fixed. We'll find out Wednesday morning.


moizmad 4th Apr 2011, 5:20 PM edit delete
So I'm trying to figure out what the spider's
intentions are, good or bad?
Unka John 4th Apr 2011, 7:45 PM edit delete
Unka John
Maybe it thinks he's a Hobbit? No wait, then there'll be elves! And I hadda sell my .357.
Oh god, tell me there won't be elves!
-3- 6th Apr 2011, 2:04 PM edit delete
MO - could be neither!

Unk - You give me terrible ideas...