Comic 45 - TIM 036

7th Feb 2011, 4:06 AM in experiMental Record One
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-3- 7th Feb 2011, 4:06 AM edit delete
Yes, i know very well what sort of straight line this strip is.
Go ahead.

Meanwhile, a reminder to those who missed it that the Drawing Drawing is going again. Vote to get the secret word of the day, and for each secret word sent in you are entered into the drawing for custom artwork.
(If you're new to the Drawing Drawing, see this blog entry for basic details.)


Unka John 7th Feb 2011, 5:10 AM edit delete
Unka John
I don't know why but Rimbaud came to mind.

Ahem, don't mind me.
-3- 7th Feb 2011, 5:17 AM edit delete
Unk - I suspect Jack will fill us all in on our cryptic poet's ID.
J2383 7th Feb 2011, 5:56 AM edit delete
Are you sure that you're circuits are functioning correctly?

Not sure if I'm actually supposed to reveal the mysterious poet's identity or not, but I can't help but feel nostalgic for the days when I was a member of the sci-fi club back in college.
MadTarnsman 7th Feb 2011, 5:56 AM edit delete
That reminds me of the bone and joint specialist I had the last time I broke my foot. That man had skied into a tree or somethin' because he was very liberal with the pain management/magic pills. As criteria to be my doctor, you have to have been in excruciating pain and sicker than a mangy dog in a sweltering favela.
-3- 7th Feb 2011, 6:25 AM edit delete
Okay - maybe Jack won't identify the poet. Then perhaps it would be best to have Norman correlate the info for you instead.

MT - You've had better doctors than i've had. Never had one that grasped the concept of chemical tolerance. Best i had was one dental surgeon who stopped in the middle of a procedure when he noticed the tears and it finally sunk in - "You can feel that?"
Would be nice to get the triple drip instead.
Fern 7th Feb 2011, 7:01 AM edit delete
I thought this might be what was happening (well, I thought he was in a coma but this is pretty close). :)
moizmad 7th Feb 2011, 12:43 PM edit delete
"I can't make any sense of any of this" pretty well sums it up.
moizmad 7th Feb 2011, 12:44 PM edit delete
OK, today's secret word is "misogyknee"?
Unka John 7th Feb 2011, 5:53 PM edit delete
Unka John
Please don't let it be Bukowski.
-3- 8th Feb 2011, 4:28 AM edit delete
Fern - the tricky is bit is how long has he been here?

MO - mysogyknee... Is that what a nasty chauvinist pig takes to the groin?

Unk - Do you really think i'd chuck that into the mix?
Fern 8th Feb 2011, 6:22 AM edit delete
@ -3- : Long enough that his pants disintegrated :P