Comic 251 - Weekend Colour Special - New Graphics Tablet!

3rd Aug 2013, 10:38 PM in Weekend Colour Specials
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-3- 3rd Aug 2013, 10:38 PM edit delete
Some of you are familiar with the Jaybird. Push him up a few rungs on your ladder of esteem, okay?
Why? one might ask. Because the marvelous man just bought a new graphics tablet so i no longer have to struggle to make the sadly damaged and decayed tablet i've been using. The difference is fairly phenomenal, but it's going to take some time to unlearn all the habits i built getting that old chipped-point stylus to sort of do what i wanted - now the responsiveness reads all the amplified movements i used to use, and creates a considerably more trembly line.

So, we get a weekend special where i use lots of different strokes and dabs and start relearning how to use the dang (but marvelous) new tablet. And we'll see what happens when i go to draw Monday's strip. (yeah - no buffer, even though i know better)


moizmad 4th Aug 2013, 12:18 PM edit delete
OK so now you have no more excuses so I'm expecting a masterpiece tomorrow!
-3- 4th Aug 2013, 2:16 PM edit delete
Okay, MO, i know your imagination is better than that. I've got lots of excuses - some even near valid!
For instance - i haven't started on tomorrow's comic yet. Right now i'm getting the new series i'm launching set up to go. And last night, i was working on today's masterpiece. (see the pic in this post)

Beyond that - i already stated i'm having to relearn to use the fine beast. So there's 3 excuses right off the top.

Not to say that it won't happen, of course.
Unka John 4th Aug 2013, 11:20 PM edit delete
Unka John
Congrats on the new tablet. Jaybird is indeed an interesting sort.
moizmad 5th Aug 2013, 12:29 PM edit delete
Don't tell me -3-'s selling out to manga too!
-3- 5th Aug 2013, 4:41 PM edit delete
Unk - More than merely.

MO... Um, sure. I'm gonna do manga just the same way you did. I'm going to draw Angelina Jolie when i open up the next plan "comic" after the one that's being set up now. It'll be more a gallery like your sketch dump.
But not.