Comic 129 - technical difficulties

21st Aug 2011, 4:25 PM in Unchaptered
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ThornsInOurSide 21st Aug 2011, 4:35 PM edit delete
Oh, no, this test screen usually means we've been invaded by hostile aliens or there's a deadly zombie virus on the loose!
J2383 21st Aug 2011, 6:18 PM edit delete
You doing alright -3-?
moizmad 21st Aug 2011, 6:55 PM edit delete
Super -3-! This is by far the best comic you've done, more, more, more...
Jrade 21st Aug 2011, 8:43 PM edit delete
Ah shit. Who launched the nukes?

I'm heading to the fallout shelter...
moizmad 22nd Aug 2011, 11:53 AM edit delete
I remember that stupid test pattern...never
could figure out what I was supposed to do with it.
H3X 22nd Aug 2011, 8:03 PM edit delete
WAR... War never changes...