Adventurer's Guide To Places You Don't Want To Go
by -3-

MO, as you may know, was the winner of the Drawing Drawing. She was gracious enough to allow her prize to be displayed here, and so we shall. MO, being MO, did not go the expected route of sending a photo and asking for a drawing based on that. Her request was both more simply direct, and far more vague. She asked for a drawing of Sir Dimswitch's butt.

This almost lead to the realm of medical horror renderings, but at the last minute i was saved by the spirit of Harvy Kurtzman & Gang and went in a much lighter vein. Oddly, the first thing that went into the drawing was gone by the time it was inked. There once was a liberal sprinkling of spike heel prints from Auntie Virus constantly walking all over him. Please assume that those marks are all over his back, or that she's such a pro, she doesn't leave marks.

For those who don't know Sir Dimswitch (or Dimmy as he is semi-affectionately known), that condition is curable. Please see Riddick Q. Loss Tales and Moizmad Tales for treatment, take repeatedly until you feel better, or much worse. (Not recommended before sleeping).

(Note that this map was created during the time of Dimswitch's work in Moizmad Tales, before he began to shave his legs for cross-dressing with constant regularity.)

An Adventurer's Guide to Sir Dimswitch's Butt

Yeah - anything i say at this point is only going to make it wose, so...

Secret Words.
by -3-

Our first Secret Word Incentive is over, and we have a winner. Maureen O'Hairy AKA Moizmad of Moizmad Tales and Riddick Q. Loss Tales fame. After the threats she made for subject matter of the custom art, i kind of wanted to draw again but my witness didn't want to look the other way, so...



Now that the custom art incentive has expired, here's a list of the secret words and their definitions for those who thought i might be making them up. ;)

From the ancient Gnostic texts, Abraxas is a name/word of mystic power derived from the Greek names for the 7 classic planets - Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Orginally Abrasax, over time it was corrupted to Abraxas, and is thought to be the source derivation of the magician's word, Abracadabra.

To throw someone or something out a window. (See the Defenestration of Prague)

An ancient alchemy symbol depicting a snake swallowing its own tail, constantly creating itself and forming a circle

An adjective describing the feet of certain birds having the first and fourth toes pointed backwards while the second and third toes point forwards.

To talk around a subject rather than directly to the point. A roundabout, indirect way of speaking that generally uses far too many words to express the idea. (See my typical speech patterns)

The naming of a thing or action by a vocal imitation of the sound associated with it (ie- bang, boom, buzz, hiss)

Occuring at regular, equally timed, intervals.

A meaningless or nonsensical piece of writing, usally a parody, frequently in verse.

The use of archaic words or expressions. (See my typical speech patterns - again)

Sleight of hand used in performing magic tricks.

A person who is regarded as silly, flighty, irresponsible. Especially one prone to excessive talking.

Something cheap and showy; especially used referring to cheap, gaudy jewelry.

Someone self-serving, especially a politician, whose actions are motivated by self-interest rather than higher principles. (See Washington, DC)

Psychiatric term for a pathological state in which the subject believes himself or herself to be dead.

I think the incentive went well, and was a good & fun idea - so i expect we'll do it again before too long. Thanks to all who participated, and yes - i'll consider using easier to spell words next time. ;)

Vote Incentives - Do they work?
by -3-

My first impression is - a bit. But i've got to think that it's at least partly based on the level of incentive. So - an experiMental Theatre Experiment - A Drawing Drawing!
Which is to say, a drawing for custom artwork that i'll do based on discussions with, and picture provided by, the winner.
Now, i'm not thinking in the style of the comic here, i'm thinking something more along the lines of these samples below - Albert Einstein, Kelly Hu, myself, and some guy who knows the value of backing up your data. (Elvis maybe? Didn't he do Your Sacred Heart?)

Look! Pretty pictures!

As i said previously, the actual style and content will be based on discussions with the winner, to make it Custom artwork.

So - how does this tie in to vote incentives? Every time you vote for experiMental Theatre on Top Web Comics during the next two weeks, you'll be given a Secret Word.* For each secret word you email or PM to me, you'll be entered once into the drawing.
The site only allows voting once per day, and the secret word will change each day at midnight, Pacific Time (GMT-8).
To vote - click on the button that looks like this:(but with actual numbers on it) at the top or bottom of any page of the webcomic. That will take you to the voting site. After voting, an image will be displayed with the incentive information and email address, and of course, that day's Secret Word.
The drawing will take place on January 15th, the day after this incentive ends. The winner will be notified immediately via email or PM on ComicFury.

And, Yes - those are real words i'm using for the secret words, even if it might not always seem like it.


*(Thanks, Julius!)

The Clues!
by -3-

Okay, on TIM017 i said "All the clues needed to determine who our guest star is are presented in this strip." So, here's the clues to which i referred:

1) A duck, urging him to "Say It!" Say the secret word/name - a reference to Groucho's long-running game show, You Bet Your Life. When contestants spoke the secret word, the duck would come down from above with money for them.

2) The bizarre hair shape - an exageration commonly used in old Marx Brothers movie posters, and in cartoon appearances of Groucho Marx.

3) Dialogue - changing the context meaning of what was said and turning it into insult on the speaker. "Oh! OH! You! You-" becomes "O, O, U, U" "You've got those vowels down..."  A trademark of Groucho's humor, often delivered in the form of a back-handed compliment, as done here.

4) Body language - bent forward, arm behind back, pressing rudely into someone's personal space.

5) Dialogue - this is really clue #3 repeated, taking "But - How?" and using that as a hook to comment on How that prodigous Butt got there.

6) Dialogue - "The One - The Only!" Full circle back to You Bet Your Life. Each episode, George Fenneman would introduce "The One - The Only - GROUCHO!" (Dialogue continued to panel one of TIM018)

And there you have it - The Clues!

Lesson Learned
by -3-

Okay - I promise. No More Barf-eaters!

Well, sort of promise. I try very much not to edit what flows from the stylus while working on this comic.  But i've had a stern talking to the crew in my head, and they say they'll try to avoid the critters as long i don't do a Roman feast scene.

So, Monday - because Tarny asked for it (yeah, sure, THAT's the only reason) - more nakedity! And the following week - our first guest stars! (Exciting, isn't it?) I'll tell ya - it's still terribly frustrating wanting to talk about strips that won't appear for weeks yet. I have to sit here and slap my hand every time i try to type something i shouldn't be saying yet. (But, i think the hand is starting to like and typing things just to get slapped!)

And yes, we will stop blind panic running Monday and move to new territory. And the following week we'll start sorting out some of the questions inherent in the strip.