New Non-Strips?
by -3-

Okay, so, some might be wondering, if the strip isn't running yet, why the frell is updating with new strips?

Yeah, fair question, i suppose. And another might be - what will happen to these panels when the strip starts running? And perhaps - is anybody reading them anyway?

First question first - it might not keep updating. I might actually spend time working on things i'm supposed to be working on. But when i sat down to the drawing table, that bastard inside had other things planned. But he also had a valid point - it'll be confusing enough for some folks that the strip won't be updating on the same days each week. Do i really want to add another level of potential confusion by not keeping it on the same dates? Or is it a total non-issue?
How should i know? As you'll get to see soon enough, what goes on in my head might not be allowed anywhere near yours. (We'll be getting into some of the '...Mental' part of the title there, eh?)
And so my evil hand drew today's frame instead of the December 6th strip like it was supposed to be doing. (And we'll be having a little talk about that later, Mr. evil hand - just you be sure.)

Will there be more before the strip starts? Well, we'll see how that little talk goes.

Second question - easy answer. I'm going to move them. When the strip starts running, i'll add a new page for the Pre-strips and move them to the new page.

Third question - the tree makes no sound, only vibration.

by -3-

Okay - you're poking around here and there's no damn comicstrip. In fact, the cop at the door isn't even a part of the strip. So how are you supposed to have a clue what's going on here, huh?

series avatarWell, the current avatar for the strip (seen at right) is from the first panel of the first strip - does that help? Probably not much. And i'm not going to show any more yet. But, i am willing to talk about it a little, if that'll keep you satisfied until i start running the strips. Today, i'll just talk about the art. Usually, i'm a very tight, controlled artist. My work, that is. Not so much the artist. (See my The Third Road blog for some samples of my more typical work)  That's the first 'experiment' going on in the strip - the art style. I working very raw and loose, stark black & white brush work. I don't see the world in lines - i see in tones, textures and movement. So this is forcing me to adapt and try something new.

I'd like to tell you what my base inspiration is here, but i really just can't remember. Decades ago i found a strange hardcover graphic novel - long before the term was coined, before Watchmen or Dark Knight Returns or God Loves, Man Kills - any of that. And i didn't find it in a comic shop - i found it in a remainder bin at some discount store. I have no idea what the title was, who did it, or what went on in most of it - just the raw impressions left scratched on the inside of my skull from many years past. But it's still there - still clawing to the surface.

And this is where i'm going to let it find its way out.