The Empire Of China
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This is one that's been scratching at the back of my head for a long time, since the start of developing Frank'n'Cindy - Who is the Emperor of China?
I always knew i wanted an Emperor instead of the Republic in this world, but how was the Dynastic system still in play? Who would be the new Emperor?
Would it be the Guangxu Emperor, having avoided the poison that took his life the day before the Dowager Empress died - continuing the Qing Dynasty?

I have to say, i like that one a lot, and it was #2 by an exceedingly narrow margin. The things he tried to do in his young life, he would be finally free to do now - shaping a new China for the new Century.

Another obvious candidate was Sun Yat-sen, the first President & founding father of the Republic of China. What if his revolution had sought reform of the Dynasties, instead of an end to them? What new China might he have created?

And, of course, there was always the fascinating possiblity of someone totally unknown to history as the new Emperor. A blank slate to work with. Couldn't happen, you think?
Ah, but in this world, legends live and old powers still walk this realm. Any number of artifacts might have been used by an obscure monk, scholar, merchant or peasant to seize control from the chaotic times at the beginning of the last century.

But, finally, i decided to go with the Hongxian Emperor - whose rule can be counted in weeks or days. Naturally, i've twisted things leading up to the formation at the end of 1915, so it was more solidly set and didn't collapse by March. The choice of Yuan ShiKai may piss of some people, confuse others. But i think he'll make for a most "interesting" Emperor. (BTW - that whole "Chinese Curse" of 'May you live in interesting times' isn't at all Chinese.)

Secrets of The World!
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No, not THAT world. The one in which Experiment Two takes place. Unlike the hidden secrets of the world in Exp. One, the new world is a much more open and accessible place, more easily understood without actually having to have been there. And while we may be just getting started here, the world of Mad Science is one that was already in development for another series of comic stories i'm planning, starring the Frankenstein Monster and Cindrella. But that's, literally, another tale.

But that leads us straight into one obvious point about this world - it's populated both by characters from history and fiction. So if Dr. Nick needs to consult, he might pop over to visit Tom Swift as easily as R. Buckminster Fuller.

The next item on our Guide To The New World tour - it ain't the history you know. Oh, sure - basically, up to a point. But major divergences begin in the 19th century. When Darwin published his Origin Of The Species and many proclaimed that it was a death sentence for God and religion, the Church got smart about its future. It backed Darwin, saying that the arguement was like discovering a hammer and saying there is no Carpenter, the hammer drove the nail. And that, in point of fact, those who were discovering the tools and rules of God's Universe were doing His work, as He had commanded man to go forth and name all the things of the world, and this could not be done without understanding them. This radical shift in attitude led to a steampunk sort of world by the time we get to our story, which takes place "nearly a century ago".

And politics have run a bit differently. Bohemia is still a kingdom. There is a new Chinese Dynasty, not a Republic of China. Personal decisions may have gone other ways with some of the historical figures, or they may have interacted with the new technological society in ways you might not expect. (See Theo, for example, early in the tale)

Oh, and there's one other significant factor that might be worth noting. I'm writing it. So it's a weird world, as one might expect.

We'll explore this strange new world here in future posts. Learn who the new Emperor of China is. Discover the amazing technology of Dr. Nick and his world. Find historical tidbits and oddities from our world that helped shape this one. So much fun for no admission price!

Except, you know, the cost to your mind and sanity...

Back In The Saddle Again
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Yes, dear readers, we back to blog. And some fresh artwork, too. Both courtesy of Warren Ellis's Remake/Remodel challenges over at WhiteChapel. Though, oddly enough, Warren isn't actually issuing said challenges. Hm. Let's just skip right past that point, eh?

The two most recent challenges dragged me back to the graphics tablet to join back in again.

The first was Little Nemo In Slumberland. For those of you unfamiliar with Winsor McKay's classic strip - it appeared in newspapers over 100 years ago, and still influences artists to this day. While a couple others did some superb work playing with the original stylings, i decided to try to re-interpret some of McKay's notions in a newer, more modern, take. With the usual bad humor bits tossed in. We'll get to that after the image:

In the original comic, King Morpheus was constantly working to bring Little Nemo across the dream worlds to be a plaything for his daughter. (Yeah, seriously. Just don't go there.) In our version, we have Morphius from The Matrix with Neo as his child.

What's that, you say? Morphius is a black man? Well, not originally - the basic concepts for The Matrix were stolen from The Invisibles, by Grant Morrison. Morphius was taken from King Mob, who in turn was a two-dimensional projection of Morrison. So that's him up there where he should be. Little Emo is, of course, Emo Phillips.

What? You're not familiar with him, either? Well, that might be best for society. But to give you a sample, without his high-pitched lilting sing-song delivery, the background of panel two comes from one of his old bits. "I just can't get started without that first piping hot cup of coffee in the morning...   Oh, I've tied other enemas-"

Okay, moving right along - the current challenge is to Remake/Remodel Six-Gun Gorilla. Yep. Again i must add seriously. I'd go into the absurdity of it all, but the urethral maggots disapprove. So here's what came out:


And there you have it! Fresh art with a new blog entry. Exciting, isn't it? And more excitement to come as the one year anniversary of eMT approaches.

Oh, Joy!

Jack Of Swords
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Our winner of the second Drawing Drawing has received his prize. The choice for the custom art this time was a free-form picture of our winner drawn from 2 of the photos he sent for reference & inspiration. The results?

Jack Of Swords:

 Jack Of Swords

Much as i enjoyed this and would like to run another, there's just too much turmoil coming in my life just now, and i can't be certain i'd be able to provide the prize within a reasonable time frame. So, no more Drawing Drawings for now. Hopefully it'll return again farily soon.

Adventurer's Guide To Places You Don't Want To Go
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MO, as you may know, was the winner of the Drawing Drawing. She was gracious enough to allow her prize to be displayed here, and so we shall. MO, being MO, did not go the expected route of sending a photo and asking for a drawing based on that. Her request was both more simply direct, and far more vague. She asked for a drawing of Sir Dimswitch's butt.

This almost lead to the realm of medical horror renderings, but at the last minute i was saved by the spirit of Harvy Kurtzman & Gang and went in a much lighter vein. Oddly, the first thing that went into the drawing was gone by the time it was inked. There once was a liberal sprinkling of spike heel prints from Auntie Virus constantly walking all over him. Please assume that those marks are all over his back, or that she's such a pro, she doesn't leave marks.

For those who don't know Sir Dimswitch (or Dimmy as he is semi-affectionately known), that condition is curable. Please see Riddick Q. Loss Tales and Moizmad Tales for treatment, take repeatedly until you feel better, or much worse. (Not recommended before sleeping).

(Note that this map was created during the time of Dimswitch's work in Moizmad Tales, before he began to shave his legs for cross-dressing with constant regularity.)

An Adventurer's Guide to Sir Dimswitch's Butt

Yeah - anything i say at this point is only going to make it wose, so...