Your host, -3-

Who and/or What is a "-3-"?

-3-'s career as a digital artist has spanned through three decades, most of that time spent working in the computer gaming industry. He helped take Interplay Productions from a ten man development team to a $100M international software publishing house, and along the way got to work with wonderful properties like Robert Heinlein's The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress, William Gibson's Neuromancer, J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord Of The Rings, and Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek, along with RoboCop, Terminator, and many others.

He may have been the first to introduce the isometric viewpoint to computer games when converting Wasteland from the Apple version IBM back in 1986/7. (Any computer game historians out there know what game did it first? Or was it just a case of independent parallel development?)

After going independent in early 1994, he continued to work in the industry for several more years until creative burn-out led him to seek new horizons. In the years since, his works have ranged from web creation to cartooning to advertising designs and a wide range of areas in between. Most recently his attentions have turned to one of his first art loves - story telling and comics. Starting over in a new industry, he now lives a quiet life in the Pacific Northwest.

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Okay, that's the professional bio. Now we can relax and stop pretending i'm a third person. (Really, no 3 joke/ref/pun intended). Among other things, i'll be putting bits of my artwork not related to the strip on display here. For those interested in knowing more of my work, there's a gallery of what game and graphic novel covers i could find at the bottom of this page.

Current/recent artwork:

My favorite little tree-hugger just had her birthday recently, and this is a piece i did for the occasion - Kasey as a dryad:

Dryad Kasey

Yes, once again, it's Warren Ellis inspiring another work with one of his challenges at Whitechapel. This one was to produce a movie poster for Iron Man by Stanley Kubrick. After much conflicted deliberation, i decided to go with a riff on the classic poster for A Clockwork Orange, but inverting several of the schemes, from changing the "Anarchy A" shape to the later version chest triangle of Iron Man's armor (and shifting the arm left since it was no longer crossing the A), to moving the black & white inside the triangle and the red/orange colors outside, reversing the dynamic of the original. And i'm glad i did all that. Because Paul Sizer came in right behind me with a straight on rip of the original that i'm sure would have shamed anything i did if i had done it straight.

Iron Man by Stanley Kubrick by -3-

Another of those challenges from Warren Ellis mentioned earlier (below), this one to visualize Jenny Everywhere. Jenny Everywhere, AKA Shifter, is a public domain character who has the ability to shift between any and all realities. Conveniently enough, that makes her available to appear in anyone's work. Unfortunately, i didn't have a great deal of time to spend on this one, so i couldn't pack the bar with reality shifters as i had been thinking when i started the piece. But i got some of my faves in there, so good enough, eh?


Warren Ellis has frequent artist challenges. His latest (over at Whitechapel) is to create a poster for a Spider-Man movie by David Lynch. Since i just missed the Steampunk Batman challenge, i had to go for this one. Here's my result:

Spider-Man, by David Lynch


Here's my most recent print:


C'thul-Whu? (Click image to go to page with detail views)


(The image links to a page on my blog with more detailed views)


Here's a couple of quick peeks at something i'm developing currently:

MASKS promo



You know that nice little shot of Albert Einstein that looked better drawn than the rest of  Comic 2: Clues? We don't got 'em.? Well, it looked better because i cribbed the line work from a design i did a little while back:



Graphic Novels i've worked on:

A Drug War CarolThe Probability BroachLa MusePhoebus Krumm

(All four of these books can be read online for free at Big Head Press's website, along with several other fine works.)

Some of the Games I've worked on in the past:

Battle Chess 4000Bard's Tale 2Caesars PalaceKingdom II: ShadoanLord Of The RingsLord Of The Rings 2: The Two TowersNeuromancerRoboCop Vs. TerminatorStar Trek: Starfleet CommandStar ReachStoneKeepUSCF ChessWasteland